Temperature in Degrees (F°)

45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -25 -30 -35
4mph 454035302520151050-5-10-15 -20-25-30-354mph
5mph4337322722161160-5-10-15 -21-26-31-36-425mph
10mph34282216103-3-9-15 -22-27-34-40-46-52 -58-6410mph
15mph29231692-5-11-18 -25-31-38-45-51-58 -65-72-7815mph
20mph2619124-3-10-17-24 -31-39-46-53-60-67 -74-81-8820mph
25mph231681-7-15-22-29 -36-44-51-59-66-74 -81-88-9625mph
30mph21136-2-10-18-25-33 -41-49-56-64-71-79 -86-93-10130mph
35mph20124-4-12-20-27 -35-43-52-58-67-74 -82-89-97-10535mph
40mph19113-5-13-21-29 -37-45-53-60-69-76 -84-92-100-10740mph
45mph18102-6-14-22-30 -38-45-54-62-70-78 -85-93-102-10945mph

-11 to  -25 -> Frostbite possible without proper clothing.
-26 to  -65 -> Exposed flesh frostbite possible in 60 seconds
-66 or less -> Exposed flesh frostbite possible in less than 60 seconds for the average person.


Exposed skin can freeze within 1 minute at wind-chill equivalent temperatures below -25 F.
Frostbite affects the extremities,such as fingers and toes.
If a body part has been frostbitten once, it is more susceptible to frostbite again, even in milder conditions.
Redness and a burning sensation are indications frostbite will occur unless the extremity is warmed.
Numbness is an indication that frostbite has already taken place.
If frostbite is discovered, hold the affected part tightly against the warm skin or another part of the body; (for example place frozen fingers under arm).
When thoroughly warmed, keep covered and make an effort to keep area from freezing again.