As with everything in life that is truly worthwhile, training to become a private pilot requires a certain investment of time and money. Rest assured. We'll walk and support you through the process.

I imagine you have the same preliminary quetions most people do about learning to fly. How long? How much? What do I have to do?

How long?
The average duration is 6-18 months depending upon what else consumes time in your life.

What do I have to do?
The curriculum is 40 to 60 hours of flight training, half of which is usually solo flight. You must prepare for written, practical, and oral exams. Your instructor will assist you in selecting an approved home study course and guide you through the process of acquiring the materials and text books required for your training.. With a flight medical exam certificate, evidence of a passing FAA written exam score, 40 hours minimum of flight training logged, you are ready to take the practical flight test. Upon successful completion of the check ride, the examiner will endorse your log book and issue a temporary license. A nice plastic one will come from the FAA in the mail in 2-6 weeks.

Finally, how much?
Enclusive cost for all fees, dues, expenses is $10,000 depending upon training tempo and aptitude.

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Begin the Journey
Your first flight will lead to a journey of a lifetime. The sky awaits you.